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Creating a Fitness Brand 2 - Meaning behind the name

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Coming up with a name was actually easy, It felt right. But how to communicate the message behind the name is kind of hard.


Firstly, I have to thank everything who supported the brand from the get go. The reception I've received from the first month going live (May 2023) was amazing. The feedback was great, I'm not going to pretend we didn't have any hiccups. We certainly did, but they were resolved swiftly. You lot are the brand, we're just a vassal to help promote your determination to achieve greatness.

As always, If your not on the emailing list, you may be missing out on exclusive discount codes, which has been sent shortly after the release of this blog. We don't spam, we just like to keep our community in arms reach. To subscribe CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom. Thanks all.


How the name was thought up?

Originally, I had this notion that because of the pressures of social media, we're be belt fed with all these people with extraordinary lives, skills and talents. Which would make our own lives feel inferior. This is something that can effect every aspect of every life. Someone always has something better than you, but you'd feel there's nothing you can do about it.

But, we're a fitness brand, so how does this relate? We focused on the fitness niche, because that's how it started for me personally. My life is heavily invested into my health and fitness, but it wasn't always.

Before I became self aware of my slippery slope into becoming a full time food hoarder, with my hamster cheeks brimmed to capacity with delicious but very naughty calories. I actually use to buy fitness magazines. Looking at the lifestyles and diets of these godlike people who were 'blessed' by great genetics. I'd look at them as if they flew out the womb with a squat rack and chiselled abs. I wanted to look good, but It genuinely didn't feel it was possible. I was stuck the way I was at the time.

The thought of me, looking like these people was like the idea of winning a lottery without buying a ticket. Some people are just chosen to win, some are not. I am not, so why bother. Thinking back, it's pretty stupid to believe that people had Michelangelo sculpted bodies because that's just how they are. But that's how we think.

What I didn't realise at the time was, anyone, literally anyone (minus some people with chronic conditions) can be like these god like people. But when you're not currently like them, it feels unrealistic. You lift weights a few times and wonder why your biceps still resemble a withered lamp post playing the extra part in the background of a crap apocalypse movie.

But I tried, and it eventually happened. So, originally, Naturally Gifted meant we all can do it. Because the ability to change is something we all can do.

But, something felt off.

I remember while watching a podcast about creating a brand from scratch while I was researching how to present the brand message (To someone who doesn't know branding, this is a very important aspect to branding). Someone said, the meaning behind your brand will constantly change, until it feels natural to say. At the time, this didn't make any sense. How can it change, you know why you created the brand, right?

Well, it happened to me too. The story behind the brand message hasn't changed, but how it is being presented has changed.

The seven whys is a great way to figure out a reason or a root cause for something. You ask yourself why, seven times (on average).

Q - Why naturally gifted?

A - Because its an ability we're have....

Q- ~Why?... Six more times.

The current meaning is not what it once was.

I didn't need all seven whys to find out the root meaning behind the name. But ultimately the meaning boils down to the fact, that achieving something isn't capped by demographic, genetics or other people. It boils down to the fact that its all in our head.

When I personally changed back in the day, It was a drastic change in mindset. I subconsciously thought change would never happen. I consciously needed to tell myself it can. So, I kept going to the gym even thou my depressing wee arms constantly looks thin in the mirror. Then one day.... Boom. where'd these sick swans come from.

Without realising it, I found out that I was indeed naturally gifted with the ability to achieve the results I wanted. I can become a godlike magazine model sharing lifestyle and diets too (I mean this is the least vain way possible). We can achieve these results because its in our DNA. The body is an amazing machine that works in 'not so mysterious' ways. If you want it to bend to your will, you've just got to consistently tell it too.

So deep down, I have this vision of people wearing the brand because they too know this feeling of relentless doubt is just in the mind. And that they've realised that the progress they have been making is something they had in them all a long. So, they wear the brand to promote the fact they are self aware of how gifted we are.


In conclusion to why the brand name is Naturally Gifted Apparel. We're a community of people who recognise that achieving great results in the gym, even at work or at home, is something most of us have the birth given ability to do. Doubt is a manifestation of uncertainty we put on ourselves that does nothing but stop you from trying.

Once you stop thinking you can't achieve it, to of course I achieve it. You'll soon realise that that you're naturally gifted too.


I hope you found this blog informative or entertaining in any way.

Have a look at our range so far. It may be small, but every brand is born with the ability to grow. Which is why we eat our broccoli.

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